We're Married!


We're Married!

It's official! We are now husband and wife, for better or worse, til death do us part. Forever - ever! Our hearts are filled with gratitude for those who celebrated with us from near and afar. We thank God for our family and friends who support our union and continue to pray that our marriage be one that honors His name. Here are a few fun photos from our big day! Enjoy! 


Coming to the Wedding? Here's What You Need to Know...


Coming to the Wedding? Here's What You Need to Know...

FRIDAY, March 30th @ 6pm
Josephine Butler Parks Center, 2437 15th Street NW

1. If you are attending the Nigerian ceremony on Friday, we strongly urge guests to use Uber or take a taxi.
There is NO parking available at the venue on Friday. Please save yourself the headache and avoid driving to the event. There is no public parking lot and street parking is reserved for residents. 

SATURDAY, March 31st @5pm
Reagan Building, 1300 Pennsylvania Avenue NW

2.  Our wedding shuttle from Marriott Marquis will depart promptly at 4:20pm from the hotel's back entrance on L Street. 
Seating on the shuttle is limited.  We hope to accommodate as many guests as possible but please do consider Uber or taxi if you miss the shuttle. 

3. Upon arrival to the wedding venue, please use the 14th Street entrance. 
Because our wedding is in a US government building, all guests will be asked to go through security. You will not need a photo ID but please be prepared to go through a security checkpoint.

4. For guests who are driving, you may park in the building's parking garage. Your parking will be validated. 
Please be sure to ask an usher or event staffer for parking validation before you leave. 

5. We plan to party until 11:30pm.
Resist the urge to leave early or you'll miss all the fun! The shuttle will begin taking guests back to Marriott Marquis at 11:05pm. 

See you soon!! 


Emerald & Tolu


Nigerian Traditional: What to Wear?


Nigerian Traditional: What to Wear?

We’re just two weeks shy of our wedding weekend and the questions have been rolling in. One question I’ve been getting frequently is “What am I supposed to wear on Friday [to the Nigerian ceremony]?”. So I wanted to take a few minutes to share some examples for guests who will attend Friday’s Nigerian traditional event.

Here are some examples that I found from a simple Google search, “Nigerian Traditional Attire”:

IMG_1737 (1).JPG

And here are some photos of me, Tolu, and family from past Nigerian weddings we’ve attended:

IMG_1738 (1).JPG

Now that you know what the attire looks like, you’re probably wondering “Now where the heck would I buy that?” The truth is many of these dresses and outfits are usually custom-made by a seamstress. (That’s why they always seem to fit so well). Since we’re two weeks away you likely won’t have time to get anything made but there are many online shops where you can find similar styles already-made. Below are a few online shops I’ve used in the past. Take a browse and you just may find something you like:

Women  |  Men


Zuvaa on Afrikrea.com
Women   |  Men

 Women   |  Men

IMPORTANT: Before you buy, be sure to check shipping time to make sure clothes will arrive in time.

I hope this helps just a little bit. Please do leave a comment below if you have recommendations for other places where guests can shop.


Two Weddings. One Weekend. Say WHAT?!

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Two Weddings. One Weekend. Say WHAT?!

Yes yes, you read that right. We’re having two weddings in one weekend. If you know me and Tolu well, you may agree that we both are rather ambitious folks. We don’t really mind a challenge...and let’s be honest, we do love hosting a good party for friends. So when Tolu’s mom, Mrs. Ola, whom I simply just call “Mom”, said she wanted us to honor Nigerian tradition and host a ceremony on Friday evening, the day before the wedding, we said let’s make it happen.

And so, we’ll host the Nigerian ceremony on Friday evening and a traditional American wedding on Saturday. To differentiate the two (although probably adding a bit more confusion for some), the Nigerian ceremony on Friday is called “the traditional” and the wedding on Saturday is called “the white wedding”, placing emphasis on the Western world tradition of the bride wearing a stunning white gown. The Nigerian ceremony (aka “The Traditional”) will be a smaller event mainly for family and close friends. Our venue for Friday evening also has a much smaller capacity than Saturday’s venue.

You may be asking, "How do I know if I am invited to The Traditional on Friday?" Well, you would have received two invitations in the mail.

The invitation for The Traditional (Friday) looks like this:


If you received an invitation to The Traditional, please note that an RSVP is not required as there will be opening seating at the venue.

And the invitation for the White Wedding (Saturday) looks like this:


For the White Wedding, an RSVP is a big-must so be sure to mail back your response cards by February 7th at the latest.

If you only received an invitation for the White Wedding, don’t be sad. We promise to capture some great photos throughout the night, and I’ll even write a blog post about it after I recover from wedding day and honeymoon bliss!

I hope you found this to be helpful. Check back for upcoming posts on What to Wear to The Traditional and 5 Things to Know About the White Wedding.

Until next time,


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How to Travel & Attend Our Wedding on a Budget


How to Travel & Attend Our Wedding on a Budget

Hi Family & Friends! 

It's officially countdown time. Invitations went out early this month and the time to RSVP is fast approaching. Our invitation list includes a lot of traveling guests. Check out this breakdown: 

  • 30% - DC/Maryland/Virginia
  • 29% - Texas
  • 20% - New Jersey/New York
  • 16% - Multiple other US states
  • 5% - International - Dubai, Nigeria, and the UK

Because we'll have so many out-of-towners, I wanted to share a few tips on how to attend our wedding "on the low-low" (for our proper friends, that's slang for "on a budget"). Check out the tips below and we hope to see you there! 


1. Stay one night instead of three. 
Although we secured some great rates at local hotels, if your budget won't allow you to make this a full three day travel experience, why not just make it a quick trip? The wedding begins at 5pm Saturday evening so that means you can catch an early flight Saturday morning, tour DC a little, shower and refresh to attend the wedding Saturday evening, have Sunday breakfast and lunch in DC, then catch a late flight out on Sunday night. It would be a lot to squeeze in within a short period of time, but we'd prefer you do that than to not come at all. :) One night = $133. Three nights = $399. That's a big difference! 

2. Fly Southwest or use Kayak.com. 
If you're flying into DC, be sure to check out rates on Southwest.com as well as Kayak.com. Southwest often has great affordable nonstop flights right into DCA-Reagan Airport, and I love that they let you check two bags at no additional cost. Kayak.com is also great because it allows you to easily compare rates across multiple airlines. You can even set a price alert to be notified when rates drop or increase. Here are a few great flights I found from Houston as an example. 


3. Wear something old! It's very tempting to go out and buy a new dress or fancy suit for special occasions like this, but there's no need to break the bank. Reach into the back of your closet and pull out that old but just-as-good-as-new fancy outfit, and rock it hunty! This will likely be the first time you have seen many of the people you'll meet so - while first impressions are important - no one will notice that you wore that outfit from your high school reunion 20 years ago. They'll just know that you look fabulous! 


4. Book at Marriott Marquis or rent a home on AirBnB. The hotel rates we've secured are almost unheard of for Washington, DC. If you're looking to save costs, do stay at the Marriott Marquis ($133/night). We also have a limited number of rooms at a discounted rate at the Grand Hyatt ($159/night) and JW Marriott ($199/night). For more information about booking your hotel for the wedding, visit www.toluandemerald.com/travel-hotel. If hotel rates are outside of your budget, consider booking a room or an entire house on AirBnB. If you are a first-time user, you'll have to create an account and then you'll have access to rent anything from a studio apartment at $80/night to a spacious one bedroom apartment that sleeps up to four guests at $114/night. AirBnB is a great an option if staying with a larger group. Before booking, be sure to check the neighborhood's distance from the venue as many AirBnB options as rates are for less central locations.   

5. Don't rent a car...please! If you've never been to DC, you may think you'll need a car to get around. Trust me, you won't! If you're staying at one of our designated hotels, you're walking distance from just about any and everything. And if you need to travel further, DC is packed with taxis and Uber drivers galore so you will have no problem getting around. If you do decide to be a rebel and rent a car, just be prepared to spend a lot of additional money for parking garages and meters, and maybe even parking tickets - yikes! 

We hope you found these tips to be useful! If you have any questions, please do shoot us an email at TolullyEmLove@gmail.com. We will do our best to assist where we can. 

Em & To 



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